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Meghan offers a powerful and imaginative combination of ancient and contemporary knowledge and techniques to remind us of our innate wisdom.
— Janet Stone, International Yoga Teacher
Coaching with Meghan has helped me come closer and closer to the real me. It has helped me embrace that without judgment. I wouldn’t have been able to make the strides in my life both mentally and spiritually without the direct challenging she has provided me. The biggest takeaway that I have had thus far, is that I can in fact do whatever it is that I choose to do with my life.
— Jurik Harmeyer Yoga/Meditation Teacher and aspiring Life Coach
The investment you make in your time with Meghan will pay off BIG TIME way after the coaching sessions. It’s a lot like investing in high quality products knowing they will carry you far in the long run.
— Susan Dupuis, Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist
Over our many months working together, Meghan listened, asked questions, and really challenged me to get clear on what I want in all areas of my life. She always made me feel safe enough to share my hurts, my dreams, my fears, and failures. Though she never labeled them as such. She had a magical way of guiding me to my own conclusions, and encouraging my qwerks. My body always felt alive and buzzing after a session with Meghan. I looked forward to our time together like a precious gift.

It turned out there were some deep dark areas about myself that I needed to give love to before I could get curious and connected with someone else in any kind of partnership. As practice, I even get curious with myself sometimes!! This one practice has softened me and connected me to people. Working with Meghan has transformed my ability to come down out of my head, check in with my body, and operate from a place where my purpose resides: my heart.
— Candice Brown, M.Sc. Kin. Health Consultant
Upon first connecting with Meghan I knew without question that I trusted her. Deep down, I knew where it was I was wanting to direct my energy in regards to career, school, relationship, and more. She helped me to create a very clear map which lead me (quickly!) towards the vision I’d been fantasizing about, and too scared (in the past) to make a reality. I am so very very grateful for Meghan’s guidance and presence in my life
— Jenna Furnari, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, ERYT-500
As a coach, Meghan leads with her fierce commitment to living in alignment, coupled with her tender sensitivity. Meghan is a genius at creating safe, nonjudgmental space to help me find what is most true for me—to encourage me to get in touch with what I most want, and then create it. She also has an incredible capacity to be with all feelings at all volumes.

Through coaching with Meghan, I have transformed my level of confidence in myself. Meghan helped me identify areas where I was holding myself back, and let go of limiting beliefs about the value of what I have to share. She coached me through a process of “updating” my outer appearance and the way that I organize and present myself. After working with Meghan, my inner experience of who I am matches the way I show up in the world more than ever before and I feel light, energized, and free.
— Sarah Hughes, Spiritual Leadership Coach and Musician
Meghan Neeley has supported me in countless ways to find clarity in my life. From relationships, to work, study, and more, each time she has inspired me to go for what I really want. I met Meghan when I was sixteen in a big yoga community and felt from the beginning an exceptional invitation and welcoming like no other. I feel honored to have known her over the past six years where she has been a inspirational role model and playful-coach. Meghan emanates passion in her life as a walking example of creating and sharing abundance. I have worked with Meghan many times, walking in with a heavy story, and walking away with curiosity and vitality. Meghan invites in play, even when the situation can seem the least bit exciting. And of course, one of my favorite parts is hearing her amazing life-stories! I have learned a lot from Meghan’s experiences because she has dedicated her life to what energizes her. Therefore, she offers a lifetime (or more!) of experience. However big your “problem” is, Meghan humbly welcomes it and passionately supports you to find clarity and recommitment for what you really want!
— Amber Pearson, Birth Doula